I have many loves in my life: cats, coffee, horror movies, and breakfast food. Two of those things are combining together to make me super happy. And no it is not a cat cafe, but I sure do wish the SBC would invest in one. No, it is a horror movie pop tart.

The sad part about these pop tarts is that Kellogg isn't doing them. According to Nerdist, Newt Cloninger-Clements created what the pop-tarts would look life if Kellogg were to step away from making Hello Kitty pop-tarts and decide to become hard core in their pop-tart game.

Among his series of custom Pop-Tart images featuring the great horror movie icons, Cloninger-Clements has covered the biggest of the scary movie greats, like Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and several more.


Look how cute this is!!!

I love these so much. I wonder which flavors they would use for each movie.