What happens when two-time arm wrestling champion and star of History's TV show Swamp People RJ Molinere faces off against award-winning Shreveport-Bossier radio personality and all-around tough chick Bristol? An arm-wrestling match that shook the very foundation of the Shreveport Convention Center!

Watch Bristol and RJ Molinere go face-to-face in an epic arm wrestling bout that will go down in the annals of Louisiana and Sportsman's Expo history.

arm wrestling match rj molinere bristol
Photo: Amanda Currier

"What are the rules," Bristol asked as she locked up with RJ. She then tried putting her second hand over her other for an added advantage, but RJ shot her down.

He was just scared she would beat him with only one hand. (We think.)

RJ's son and alligator hunting partner Jay Paul looked on as his dad struggled to keep his arm up and resist crumpling under Bristol's herculean strength. (Probably.)

So, who won the match? See for yourself!

Check out the funny arm wrestling video below