With the Louisiana Powersports Sportsman's Expo going on all this weekend at the Shreveport Convention Center, it was obvious which special guests appearing at the hunting and fishing event I wanted to talk to: RJ and Jay Paul from History's "Swamp People" show!

The father and son hunting team called in today for an interview where we talked about the dangers of hunting alligators in Louisiana and how I think I can beat RJ in an arm wrestling match.

Bristol's interview with RJ and Jay Paul from Swamp People

OK, so maybe I can't beat RJ in an arm wrestling match, but I can take pictures and make it look like I did!

When asked about enjoying the hospitality of Northwest Louisiana and possibly visiting one of our gaming establishments, I was told that "Life is a gamble." Too true!

Oh yeah, and they think I'm a Yankee. A Yankee from Haughton, La. I can't wait to meet these guys in person. They'll be hanging out Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. And don't even try it; I'm going to be first in line!