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Earlier this week, as the United States was celebrating Independence Day, Matthew McConaughey shared a short message. He took to social media to make a simple statement, in fact, here it is.

In the short video, he simply said "Did you know our national bird, the bald eagle, its primary purpose in life is to build a better nest. - I don’t know why but I like that.”

Just that short message led to a massive flood of online calls for him to run for US President? Because that was the response to that short video, a mountain of messages to run for President.

But it's actually deeper than just that short video.

Honestly it really all started when McConaughey flirted with the idea that he might run for Governor in Texas. But eventually he decided against that, even though there was a groundswell of support for the idea.

Then McConaughey was thrust into another political spotlight, as the latest (at the time of this writing, there will no doubt be another) mass school shooting in the US took place in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas. In response to this tragedy, McConaughey looked more presidential than many of our previous US Presidents, even standing behind a White House podium.

The emotional speech delivered by McConaughey was shared to every corner of the internet, with some people even mentioning that his sincerity caused them to listen. Beyond having people listen online, elected officials may have been listening as well.

Unlike many of our modern era Presidents, action was actually taken after McConaughey spoke. Congress passed a bipartisan gun reform bill in the weeks after McConaughey's speech in DC.

So what does it all mean? Will McConaughey run for President? Probably not. Though it seems like he may have the ability to do it, and obviously the support to do it, its unlikely he would want to surrender his freedom to travel, act, and create, to sit with the ghouls we have in Washington DC.

But that's going to stop people from asking him to do it.

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