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Let's face it, things have been pretty hectic this holiday season.  Basically, it's the first time in years we've been able to have a full-blown family Christmas.  What I'm saying is this: You've most likely been under a lot of pressure to go from house to house visiting everyone, worrying about presents and holiday dinners.  I, for one, think you need a break - and I've found the perfect escape.

This Gorgeous Airbnb On The Cane River, Which is Basically The Red River's Daughter

Just about an hour to the south east of Shreveport, you'll find the beautiful Cane river.  The Cane was actually born from where the mighty Red River used to run through Natchitoches, Louisiana.  In 1836, the Red River shifted its course and started flowing down the eastward channel which was called the "Rigolette de Bon Dieu."  This was most likely due to the work being done to remove the "Great Raft" at the time.  The Great Raft was 160+ miles of log jam in the Red River that raised the water level significantly and is responsible for the creation of Caddo and Cross Lakes.  When the river shifted, it left behind what we call the Cane River.

The "Bird's Nest on the Cane," is a Perfect Getaway Just a Little Over an Hour From Shreveport

Now, you can rent a beautiful house that literally hangs over this historic body of water.  It's called the "Bird's Nest on the Cane," and (thanks to Airbnb), you and 4 friends can rent your own little slice of peace and quiet for a little over $100 a night!

The Perfect Riverside Escape is Just 1 Hour From Shreveport

If your life has been hectic lately, maybe it's time to slow things down just a bit. I've found just the place for you, and just an hour's drive from Shreveport. Goodbye Ratchet City stress - hello Cane River peace and quiet! Here's the best part: You can totally rent this place on Airbnb for just over $100 a night!

Louisiana's Teche River Tower Is a Modern Masterpiece You Can Rent!

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary Airbnb stay in Louisiana, look no further than this beauty! Just over a 3-hour drive is all that's standing between you and an awesome weekend on the Teche River staying in this work of art! Well, that and you'll need to book your stay!

Take a Look Inside Shreveport's Historic Downtown Fire Tower Airbnb

Built in 1922 as the Hose Tower for the Downtown Central Fire Station, this gorgeous downtown space has been converted into a 5-story apartment! Have you ever wanted to take a look inside? Here's your chance, and if you like it - you should totally stay here! For around $200 a night you can book it on Airbnb!

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