According to the Good News Network, Cat Pawsitive, a program that trains cats to be more sociable, is hosting a nation wide contest that will give a lucky animal shelter "$5,000 in cash grants and 10,000 free bowls of organic pet food".

All you have to do to enter the contest is teach your cat to give a high-five. Seriously, that is it! Well, you then have to post a video of your cat giving a high-five. You can then recommend your local animal shelter as the recipient of the prize.

Whenever you post your video online make sure to use "#CatPawsitive, @JacksonGalaxyProject, and @HaloPets" so that the video will be easily accessed when the winner will be picked on National High-Five Day, April 19th.

We have several amazing local animal shelters and cat sanctuaries that would greatly appreciate this award, so why not teach your cat how to high five!

To see a complete list of the contest rules and instructions on how to teach your cat this gesture click here.