Louisiana is one of the top rice-producing states in the United States, and SO MANY of our great regional dishes embrace rice. It's nutrient-rich, too, packing 15 vitamins and minerals in just 100 calories per half-cup serving. When you're stocking up on rice, be sure to look for the "Grown in the USA" label so you know you're buying the best and cleanest rice (no GMOs), according to usarice.com.

It's pretty cool to think about supporting farmers and important wildlife habitats just by eating rice, and since we're coming up on the holiday season, I wanted to share some of the great Lousiana rice recipes listeners sent me in the past:

Just typing that headline made me want to cook Shrimp and Chorizo Fiesta Louisiana Rice again soon! Do you have a recipe that beats these?

For a limited time, you can share your Louisiana rice recipe with us here for a chance of winning the Ultimate Louisiana Rice Gift Pack, which includes a gift card for groceries and Louisiana Rice Cooking Kit - the kit includes a gumbo pot, paddle, Cajun Ninja wooden spoon, Louisiana rice products and a burner base for the pot.

We're changing the recipe theme each week, so be sure to check back to see if you can enter another category. I can't wait to see if one of your submissions beats my favorites!