This weekend, one of the most important games in the universe is commencing.  I'm not talking about the League of Legends Video Game World Championships going down this Saturday between the Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 in China, I'm talking about the LSU Tigers versus the BAMA Crimson Tide (of Elephants?  I still don't get that).  During our weekly call with the coach, this was obviously the topic of discussion.

Normally we are able to have a nice, uninterrupted chat about football and life in general.  This time however, we were startled to hear that another coach with ties to the match this weekend wanted to chime in.  This caller claimed to be none other than Nick Saban, but I'm not sure he sounds like the head coach of the Crimson Elephants (?).

Enjoy the latest edition of our continuing conversation with Coach "O," and judge for yourself.