The world's love for Game of Thrones has been reignited by the new House of Dragons show, and we're here for it. Game of Thrones was one of the best TV series of all time, and to have a new reason to relive it is welcome by many fans.

Not only do we get to watch more Game of Thrones content, but it gives us an excuse to talk about Game of Thrones again. And to create totally fun hypotheticals about Game of Thrones stuff too.

Like how good would Shreveport do if attacked by a dragon from Game of Thrones?

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The question was actually asked by, well, kind of. They looked at 100 U.S. cities to see how they would do if attacked by a dragon from Game of Thrones. But Shreveport wasn't included in their research. But that's alright, because they showed their work. So we can do it on our own.

Their methodology can be applied to other cities, to see how they would do in this hypothetical scenario.

Looking at their work, they actually found that one Louisiana city could do really well if attacked by a dragon. That city was Baton Rouge, who ranked as their 6th Best city in the country vs. a dragon. But from what we looked at, Shreveport would actually do better.

Here are some of the main points from the research for their rankings:

"Dragons would favor areas of high elevation, places with plenty of parkland and relatively low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a clean environment, and cities that don’t have many aviation facilities clogging up their airspace. We also considered nearby mountain peaks and bodies of fresh water."

In addition, they looked at these in their metrics:

"Cities with higher population density, fewer physically active people, and tons of cattle per capita performed better in our ranking because the dragons wouldn’t want to work too hard when dinner time comes around. When on the hunt, the higher the number of homes without basements, the better…gulp! There’s no place to hide!

Fire-breathing dragons would want to avoid areas with too many fire departments and military bases because they would stop the dragon from wreaking havoc."

The super specific terms they looked at included "Fire Departments per 100k People", "Pawn Shops pre 100k People, and "Jewelry Stores per 100k People". All elements that Shreveport performed better vs. Baton Rouge.

Population density between the two was 2,784 for BR, and 1,725 for Shreveport, so Shreveport rates better. Fire Departments between the two cities have BR with 9.14 per 100k people, and Shreveport with 11.73 Fire Departments per 100k Shreveport the advantage. Shreveport also outperformed BR in Paw Stores per 100k, 9.06 per capita vs. 5.94 per capita.

Since they're factoring in elevation (Shreveport is low), clean air (not here), too many aviation facilities (no international airport in Shreveport), mountains (none here), and military bases (Barksdale and National Guard) Shreveport would rank EVEN HIGHER.

So if Baton Rouge is #6 nationally in this research, and Shreveport outperforms them, its safe to assume Shreveport would be Top 5 in the country in fighting off a dragon!

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