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Comic con events are returning after missing almost an entire year because of the COVID pandemic. Even though there were some shows that were still able to happen during the pandemic, most shows had to take 2020 off.

But now that the world is reopening again, our favorite events are coming back. This past weekend I attended my first post-pandemic comic con event in the Dallas metroplex at the Dallas Comic Show.

The show was a one-day only show on Saturday at the Music City Mall. The show did take place in a mall, but it wasn't like a sports card show you have have seen in a mall. Vendors weren't set up in hallways of the mall concourse, they actually had their own space on the mall's upper deck.

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Comic Show

There were plenty of vendors too, especially if you were looking for comic books. I spent most of my shopping time digging through long boxes at multiple tables. I personally walked away with a couple of books that I really enjoyed picking up. Including Ghost Rider #1, Deadpool #1 (1997 series), two copies of Strange Tales #159 (first appearance of Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine), Avengers #196 (first Taskmaster), and Ultimate Fallout #4 (first Miles Morales).

But it wasn't just shopping, there was a ton of great cosplay too. I was talking to a fellow geek when we both noticed a Moon Knight cosplay, which I said out loud was probably the first Moon Knight cosplay I'd ever seen. The guy I was talking to thought about it for a second, and agreed. It was cool to see some new cosplay out there. But there was more than just that, seriously, the cosplay was really strong at Dallas Comic Show.

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Comic Show

The show also featured panels, and of course celebrity autographs and comic book artists. Of course the biggest celebrity in attendance was Chuck Norris, but there was way more than that. I personally spent most of my non-shopping time over at James O'Barr's table. Watching the creator of The Crow work on sketches was pretty cool. I suggest you do it whenever you get the chance.

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Comic Show

If you missed this Dallas Comic Show event, don't worry. There are a lot of other area events coming. Including Geek'd Con happening in Shreveport this August. Then right after that, Dallas Comic Show comes back for another show at the Music City Mall. But the August version of Dallas Comic Show will be a two-day event, August 21st-22nd. There will also be a third Dallas Comic Show event this year too. In November they'll have a holiday special for their third show of 2021!

Comic Book Movie Stars Who Have Worked In Shreveport

We utilized IMDB's filming location database to help put this together. However there is one movie listed there that we didn't include. IMDB lists X-Men Origins: Wolverine on their Shreveport list, but we struggled to find citing for this. So we just left it off. Some of these stars weren't in comic book "movies" specifically. But we counted the Netflix Marvel shows, and MCU Disney+ shows as well.