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Did you hear the delicious, but potentially deadly news?  Officials from the Louisiana State University AgCenter have issued a little guidance on one of our state's most prolific invasive species: The Apple Snail.  I would also like to add that

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Before you think that there is an experimental kitchen in the invasive species department of LSU's AgCenter - just know that these agricultural scientists aren't exactly rolling out recipes for the invasive Apple Snail, but they are definitely laying out the rules for throwing your first snail-boil (please don't invite me to that).  Knowing that residents of the bayou state will most likely try to eat anything they catch or kill, and that the Apple Snail is potentially deadly if prepared wrong - they knew they better get some kitchen instructions out to the public.

Dep't Of Agriculture Warns Of Arrival Of Giant African Land Snails In U.S.
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According to WGNO's report, the experts at LSU say that these little invasive suckers are edible if and only if they are "thoroughly cooked and properly cleaned by removing all intestinal material."  People who consume improperly prepared and/or undercooked Apple Snails are taking putting their lives on the line.  Experts say that they carry the Rat Lungworm (Angiostrongylus cantonensis), and if someone consumes an incorrectly prepared Apple Snail - they're taking the risk of becoming infected.  That infection, in turn, could cause a potentially fatal condition called eosinophilic meningitis.  The conditions kills humans when the worms infect the brain.

All we need now is an Apple Snail Escargot on a bed of Giant Salvinia next to a big Feral Hog steak!   Bon Appetit!

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