Oh the irony here is rich. Days after Donald Trump's "hot mic" fiasco from 2005 hit, a major news network now finds itself in the same type of trouble.

CNN, the network Trump has dubbed the "Clinton News Network", has been caught apparently coaching it's undecided focus group. It's completely normal for networks to find a group of undecided voters, to get their opinions both before and after the debate, and it generally works well.... If all of the voters are truly undecided.

As the video clip begins, CNN shows a moment from the debate where Hillary Clinton says, “America already is great, but we are great because we are good.”

Then, as CNN cut back to it's focus group, reporter Pamela Brown can be heard speaking to a group participant in a quiet tone.

“America is great, because we’re good,” Brown says. Then, when she realizes they are actually on the air, she asks the same participant what anti-Trump argument from Clinton impressed her the most. The participant responds with a close approximation of what Brown had just said to her seconds before. “She stated that America is already great, and I tend to agree with that,” the woman in the focus group says. “Though we are slow in progressing in a number of ways, we are progressing and we need to continue the momentum."

So, was she an actor, saying what she was told to say? Or maybe Brown was just reiterating what the clip said that CNN had just aired before they went live with the focus group?

As a radio DJ, I certainly understand the danger of a hot mic, you never know what it might catch or how it will be interpreted.

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