We've had a debate at work all week... Am I going camping or not?

So next week, I'm going on a vacation. I decided to take my little family on a trip to do something we've always wanted tot do, but never have actually done. We're going camping baby! Or so I thought...

Once I told my coworkers what we were doing, I was met with pretty much a shower of boos from my so-called friends! Next week, My family and I are heading to Lake Claiborne for a week. We're staying in the freaking wilderness, surrounded by bears and stuff, truly roughing it in the outdoors.

The only issue is that we'll also be staying in a cabin. That shouldn't mean we're not camping, right??

I mean, we're still out in the woods, going fishing, lighting a campfire, going hiking... It just so happens that we can go inside and watch football on DirecTV.

So, are camping or not?

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