A few weeks ago I did something, against the recommendations of experts, and I'm worried I might have brought the Coronavirus to town.

To be fair, no one saw this coming. A few weeks ago, the Coronavirus was more of an internet meme than it was a serious threat to our way of life. So when I did what I did, I had no idea that it could potentially cause any thing more than a few laughs.

Boy, was I wrong.

A new theory floated around the radio station this week places all of the local Coronavirus blame on me. To be honest.... They might have a point.

For the Krewe of Gemini parade this year, I put myself right smack dab in the middle of the most germ-invested area in town... The Duck Pond. To make matters worse, I floated on an inflatable duck on that nasty pond for nearly THREE hours. To (somehow) make matters even worse, I drank a smooth twelve pack of... Yep, you guessed it.... Corona.

I am so sorry for what I might have brought here on that fateful day.



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