A woman's sister-in-law, who has been living with her rent free after both she and her fiancé lost their jobs during COVID-19, is demanding the woman pay for her upcoming wedding for her since she's unemployed.

The frustrated woman took to Reddit explaining that after her husband's sister and fiancé, Tom, lost their jobs during the pandemic, they moved in with her and her husband — overstaying their welcome by more than a year even though they initially planned to stay for a month to get back on their feet.

"Tom has gotten a new job that doesn't nearly pay as much as his old one," the woman wrote via Reddit. "We have tried to convince SIL to get a job or help around the house but she insisted that the stress of COVID has made her unfit to work and Tom agrees and refuses to make her get a job even though his job doesn't let him make enough for them to a get an apartment in the near future."

Despite living with her and her husband rent free, the sister-in-law and Tom also had the audacity to ask her to fund their planned beach wedding overseas.

The woman noted her sister-in-law and Tom have "started planning their wedding and had the nerve to ask us to help fund an expensive wedding on a beach in a foreign country."

"This happened while I was preparing to kick them out," she revealed. "This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Most of my husband's family doesn't have high paying jobs and asking me (the high earner of the family) to pay for stuff has been an ongoing thing."

The woman refused to pay for their wedding and told the couple they have to pay for their wedding themselves, causing her sister-in-law to storm "out of the house."

"[She] has been complaining about me to anyone who would listen," the woman wrote. "My husband has always been the one insisting on keeping them around every time I bring up kicking them out. So now the family is divided in half with most of my relatives taking my SIL's side and I am being attacked online [by] my SIL's friends and close family. "

Now, she and her husband are giving each other "silent treatment," unable to come to an agreement about the situation.

On Reddit, users in the comments were outraged by the woman's husband's family and her sister-in-law's outrageous behavior.

"What is wrong with these people? Why would your husband be okay with this? Does he not see your financial success and stress as his own? I get wanting to help family by not letting them go homeless… but a wedding isn’t an immediate need. It’s a luxury. And aren’t parents usually the ones expected to foot the bill if any family does? Idk, my family would never," one person wrote.

"They are simply taking advantage of you, and your husband has no spine to back you up. Frankly you should kick them out, because clearly they are incapable of appreciating your hospitality," another user commented.

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