I was binge-watching The Office last night when a scene came up that looked peculiarly familiar.

Anyone who knows me knows I love The Office... I mean, I really, really love it. Somehow, though, after at least 10 full-series watch-throughs, I've completely missed this important scene.

The scene in question comes in at episode ten during the 8th season. In the scene, Dwight Schrute pulls out an old school boombox and declares, "THIS IS CHRISTMAS". What followed was a song done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and featured Dwight, along side other co-workers (or subordinates), passionately playing air instruments  with the song in the background.

The scene was hilarious.... But.... Maybe it was even more hilarious when my friends and I did the exact same thing back in 2009.

I'm not messing around here, I'm talking about literally the same exact thing. We were young and bored while living in Destin, FL, and this was the type of stuff we did to pass the time. Of course, the video got next to no views, but it is certainly eerily similar to The Office clip.

So, did the creators of The Office somehow stumble across my Facebook for inspiration? If so, I fully expect to be compensated... Or at least receive a free Dunder Mifflin t-shirt.






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