In case you missed it, part-time Justin got another part-time job.

Part-time Justin is a man of many talents. He is stellar part-time worker with the show, but he is taking his talents to the next big show... the Circus. That's right, Justin got a part-time job with the Ringling Bros after the show visited the circus when it came to town.


Well, he watched a little of American Horror Story Freak Show and decided he wanted to try it out. The circus gives you a chance to travel the world. After discussing careers in the circus with someone on Tinder, Justin even came up with his own clown name. Twerking the Clown is his official name. We then sent him under the big top to find out what it's like to be a clown... makeup tutorial and all.

So, how did he do at the circus behind the scenes? If you missed it, you can listen here.