Is it raining out here? No, sir, a dog is literally peeing on your back.

I don't know why this video has made me laugh as hard as it has today, but I knew I had to share it with you. I can't imagine there's a worse feeling than being pee'd on by a dog, but it totally happened to this unlucky lad and luckily there was a street camera nearby to capture the moment.

A guy in Brazil was just minding his own business, sitting down on the street curb. He was just relaxing, enjoying some down time before the unthinkable happened!

Without his knowledge, a sneaky little dog snuck up right behind him. Clearly, he thought this man was a fire hydrant and he was getting ready to mark his territory.

The dog walks right up to him, lifts the leg, and begins to make it rain down the unsuspecting man's back.

Quickly, the guy realized what just happened and he was not pleased. He actually stood up and attempted to kick the dog, but luckily he missed.

You gotta see this!