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Louisiana is full of incredible experiences.  From the food, to the people, to the other-worldly beauty of our wilderness - we really do have it made in the Bayou State.  Finding something interesting to do on a given day here is really simple, but there are a few unique adventures that rise above all the rest.

One such particular destination that fits squarely into that category is buried deep within the swamps just to the northwest of New Orleans. Zip NOLA is a massive (and I mean gigantic) zip line park unlike any other.  Zip lining in and of itself is pretty exhilarating, but the 20,000 feet of lofty lines that weave in and out of the trees and over pristine bayous just off of Lake Pontchartrain make it downright magical!

You read that right, that's just under 4 miles of you flying above some of the most diverse and beautiful wilderness on planet earth.  Honestly, they've taken the worst part of seeing the real wild Louisiana away - tromping through it, possibly getting snake and/or gator bit.  Just give yourself a once over with insect repellant and some sunscreen, and you're ready to fly through the trees with a birds-eye-view of the of alligators, turtles, snakes and some incredible cypress forests.  If you're brave enough, they even have a fully-aquatic line - as in, the entire run is over the water!

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

You'll definitely want to grab a hotel room or a local Airbnb, because the trip from Shreveport rings in at around 4 and 1/2 hours with no bathroom stops, and you may need to rest up after all of that flying.  Zip NOLA is open now, and if you want to plan a trip, your best bet is to check their website before you grab the kids and hit the road.  You'll want to make sure you pay attention to the weight requirements and dress code.  They are particularly strict about Crocs for a place that's full of alligators.

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