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Violent crime is a plague on humankind.  To combat this menace, the police put in tireless hours to bring each and every case to a close.  Unfortunately, their success rate isn't 100%.

Even the Best Investigators in East Texas Have Cases Go Cold

Investigators look into every clue and speak to every witness they can find, but sometimes that isn't enough.  The one thing that every case listed here has in common is that each one is missing a key piece of information.  This vital data is what authorities are desperately searching for in order to solve these cold cases.

No Honest Tip is Worthless in These East Texas Cold Cases

No matter how small or insignificant you might thing your information is, it could be the very thing that could crack the case wide open.  These 26 people deserve justice and their families need closure.  If you know something - speak up!  If you don't, share this story with your network.  If just one person down the line can remember something that pertains to these 24 cases, it could be just the break needed to move these investigations forward.

Your Vague Could Crack an East Texas Cold Case Wide Open

Take a look at these pictures and take the time to read these descriptions to see if they ignite a memory that could help authorities close these cases.

Can You Help Solve Any of These 24 East Texas Cold Cases?

Crime is a terrible thing. Luckily, we've got a dedicated group of police officers and investigators that work around to the clock to bring those responsible for breaking the law to justice. Unfortunately, not every case is closed. Authorities in East Texas are hoping that someone might have a key piece of information that could help them crack these 24 cold cases wide open. If you know anything, please reach out to the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1000, or Tyler Smith County Crime-Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

Have You Seen Any of These 44 Missing East Texas People?

Losing someone is hard, but when they go missing without a trace - it's even harder. The family and friends of these 44 people are desperate for any information that could bring their loved ones home or at least give them some closure. If you have any information at all that could lead authorities to their whereabouts, please contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse by calling (800) 346-3243

Have You Seen Any of These 19 Missing Shreveport/Bossier People?

Hundreds of people go missing every year in Louisiana. While the vast majority of those missing persons cases are solved, some have never come home. That means the friends and family members who miss them are still searching for their lost loved ones, or at least for information on what happened to them. If you've seen any of these people or might have some information that could shed light on why they went missing or what might have happened to them - contact the FACES laboratory at (225) 578-4761.

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