[UPDATE 9:18 p.m.] CNN is reporting that one of three killed by the dual blasts was an 8-year-old boy and that eight children are among the 100+ currently hospitalized from injuries they sustained.

[UPDATE 8:02 p.m.] According to the Boston Police Department, a third person has died following the Boston Marathon explosions. The injury count now stands at more than 130.

[UPDATE 7:00 p.m.] 710 KEEL News' sister station 96.5 KVKI received word that one of the local racers, Wallace Robertson of Shreveport, was unharmed. ArkLaTex Homepage has also reported that none of the reported nine racers from Shreveport were wounded during the explosions. We're still attempting to verify the information.

[UPDATE 6:26 p.m.] According to WBZ-TV's live coverage, Massachusetts General Hospital's (Mass General) parking garage is currently locked down.

[UPDATE 5:29 p.m.]  Congressman Bill Keating (D-Mass.) confirms to WBZ-TV's live coverage that he was told there were two undetonated devices -- one at a hotel near the race location and another at an undisclosed location.

[UPDATE 5:19 p.m.] The Boston Globe reports that the number of those injured is now at least 107.

[UPDATE 4:27 p.m.] New estimates place the number of those injured at 51. Cell phones are disabled in Boston to prevent an accidental detonation. Call 617-635-4500 if you need info on a loved one in the race.

[UPDATE 3:56 p.m.] Federal investigators tell CBS' Bob Orr surveillance photos show a man minutes before explosion with a backpack that could be the primary suspect. Meanwhile, Ed Davis, Boston PD Commissioner has confirmed that there was also an explosion at Boston's JFK Library, though can't confirm if it's related to the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

[UPDATE 3:31 p.m.] WBZ-TV reports that two more explosive device have been located and are currently being disarmed. No warning or threats were reported before the blasts. Authorities believe it was likely homegrown.

[UPDATE 3:13 p.m.] Cheryl Fiandaca

[Original Story] Two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon as runners were crossing the finish line at about 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. No official numbers on how many are injured.  WBZ estimates about 20 at the first site, but are unsure of the second location. No deaths reported.

The explosions were only seconds apart, the first happening right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon near Copley Square, the second further up the street as runners we passing by.

According to WBZ-TV reporters and producers on the scene, it is believed the explosion at the finish line came from within a sports apparel shop and blew out towards the crowds along the marathon route.

Runners who are still running are being rerouted to a new finish-line.

It is believed to be intentional due to the coordination of the explosions.

There are four runners from the Shreveport-Bossier area, no word if they were affected:

  • Frank Bright, 70, Shreveport
  • Elodie Burlet, 36, Shreveport
  • Brittany Glen, 21, Bossier City
  • Christopher Huff, 35, Shreveport

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