My buddy Oliver is probably the most unique five-year-old I have ever met. I know that a lot of parents claimed that their kids are super advanced and their kids are just the smartest kids around, but let me tell you this kid is scary smart. In fact my friend Oliver it’s so smart that his vocabulary makes it so entertaining to talk to him. He doesn’t mean to be humorous, but oh my goodness is this kid funny.

Oliver just now started getting into sports. So of course, baseball is a good place to start, right? His parents signed up for a Bossier Little League team and are pretty sure that this five-year-old is switching his attention from transformers and dinosaurs to baseball.

When I found out that Oliver was playing on a Little League team one of my first questions was, “Oh my goodness what team is he on?”. That’s when his grandpa proudly claimed, “Oliver plays for the Biscuits.”

Scott Tarkowski
Scott Tarkowski

There are Two Biscuit Teams in Bossier.

One team is for 4 to 5-year-olds and the other team is for 9 to 10-year-olds.

What is the best part about this unique team is that they probably have the most fun baseball hats in town. Of course, my first question was how can I get one of these epic baseball shirts and how can I get my hand on one of those hilarious hats.

The logo itself is enough to make you want to buy some gear.

It’s a baseball-playing biscuit. Who doesn’t love biscuits and baseball? Could this be the most American team ever?

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