A Georgia man says he got his final paycheck from his former employer a little differently than he expected when he found a giant pile of 90,000 pennies in his driveway, complete with his paystub sitting on top.

KNOE.com reports Andreas Flaten says he left his job at at Peachtree City’s A OK Walker Autoworks back in November of 2020. According to Flaten, after leaving his job he was having issues getting his final paycheck, and eventually turned to the Georgia Department of Labor to get help.

His efforts definitely worked, and earlier this month he received the money reportedly owed to him by his former employer...just not in the way he was expecting.

According to Flaten, last week as he was leaving his house with his girlfriend, he noticed something at the end of his driveway.

The pile at the end of driveway was his final paycheck from his former employer... $915 dollars, payed all in pennies...90,000 pennies to be exact.

He says the pennies are all covered in oil and grease, which he has to clean before he can bring them to the bank.

From KNOE.com -

"Now his nightly routine consists of cleaning the pennies so he can cash them in. He said it took him about an hour and a half to clean off several hundred.

The owner of the shop, Miles Walker, spoke with WGCL-TV briefly, stating he didn’t know if he did or didn’t drop the pennies off at Flaten’s house."

Flaten's girlfriend, Olivia Oxley says in digging through the 90,000 pennies, they've already found a few treasures, including a penny from 1937 which carries a value of $2 to $3 depending on it's condition and whether it's been in circulation.

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