I love driving through Forney, Texas. The puns are endless and I love the fact that I can ask whoever is in the passenger seat if they feel "Forney baby?". Am I immature? Absolutely. Will it stop me from laughing at town names and making them dirty? Absolutely not.

Hey put your Shongaloo away, you can get arrested for that. See what I did there? Even the name Shongaloo sounds perverted. Here are some town names in Louisiana that have made me giggle and make me grateful I don't live there. Imagine telling someone you live in Hardwood with a straight face. I know I couldn't pull it off.

Thanks to Estately for compiling a list of the most "lewd-sounding town names" in each state. I will say, I think Louisiana has the best ones. Instead of getting your mind out of the gutter, go ahead and throw it back in the gutter for these names.

Dry Prong.

Why is it dry though?

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Grosse Tete.

All I can think about is someone taking sweaty money out of their bra to try and pay for cigarettes at the local gas station. That's a Grosse Tete!

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Grand Cane.

It's not just a cane, it's rather grand!

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Do I need to say anything about this? I think not.

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Getting Louisiana Lucky baby!

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"His Shongaloo was out there in front of everybody."

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It's not just Louisiana that has some names that make you turn red, Texas came in with some winners like Bangs, Cumings, Comstock, Dickens, Ding Dong, and Glaze City.

Is there another lewd-sounding town name in Lousiana that we may have missed?

Louisiana Cities as Characters from The Office

Louisiana Cities as Characters from The Office

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