I don't know what freaks me out more, the spider or the little kid who likes it.

I've written many articles here for K945 over the years, and I would venture to say that hundreds of them contain the fact that I don't like spiders. You have to understand, I legitimately hate these things. They are, without question, my most hated thing on planet Earth.

One time, as I was announcing a Shreveport Captains game, I noticed a rather large spider crawling in our booth. I kid you not, I left the box and did not return until about twenty minutes later when I received confirmation that said spider had been terminated.

I hate these things, and I've (luckily) never came in contact with one as large as the monster in this video.

This footage shows a kid in Australia with a gigantic spider crawling all over his head./ The insane part? This kiddo is practically in heaven. You have to see this!


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