Ginger Scares Her Boyfriend [Video]
My boyfriend Tucker is terrified of spiders and I recently bought an entire package of fuzzy fake spiders. Since nothing was going on around our apartment, why not make a prank video? Check out his reaction below.
You Don't Want to Know What's In This Guy's Ear
This is ridiculous!!!
There's a video making the rounds showing a spider INSIDE someone's ear! The 8-legged monster is seen hanging out inside someones ear-hole. The worst part, at the end of the video, the spider crawls back inside the ear, never to be seen again.
Emma Stone on Ellen [VIDEO]
Since moving to the country, I have become very acquainted with my fear of spiders. Initially, I watched this video because I wanted to know who was the better kisser, but turns out, the spider part was way more juicy!