Even though it's an illusion, it's still 100% nightmare fuel.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...... I HATE SPIDERS. Truly, I cannot stand them and the thought of them makes my skin crawl. I've literally scratched my back three times while writing this so far...

Naturally, when I came across this video earlier, I was insanely freaked out. Seriously, it looks so incredibly real.

This viral video shows a police officer making a routine traffic stop, although everything was about to become much more than routine. In the background, we see an absolutely tremendous spider make it's way from across the street. This thing looks like it is about to pounce on the officer, and judging by his size, he could probably take him out in one bite.

Then, we all realize that it's actually a normal spider crawling on the windshield in front of the dash-cam.

You have to see this!


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