According to Screen Crush, a health clinic in Bangalore, India is treating the very first case of “Netflix addiction.” Apparently this guy has been watching over seven hours a day everyday for the past six months. After doing some reflecting on my own relationship with Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube, I realized I am not far from hitting that seven hours a day mark. However, I don't think I have an addiction.

To prove to my co-workers that I don't have an addiction, I am giving up watching anything on my phone, television, or any other screen for an entire week. This officially begins, today on Wednesday, October 10th and will go all the way to next Wednesday, October 17th. I can so do this. This is going to be a piece of cake!

To set some ground rules, I can still check my phone for texts, calls, and emails. However, I can not look at the screen for longer than 3 minutes. I so got this! I am going into this super confident that I can pull it off.

Can you? Join me in this challenge and tell us how it goes on our Facebook page.