Ladies, we've all been there. The awful quandary of shoes we can walk in and shoes that are fierce.

Mansfield High School celebrated their graduates last Friday. It's a big day in any high school kid's life. You made it! The sky is the limit! You're finally an adult! Now, for the biggest question of all...

What do I wear?

We want to look fierce, smart, and independent on our graduation day. So much so, that we don't stop to think that maybe, just maybe, I can't walk in these shoes. Couple that with the pressure of walking in front of a huge crowd and marry it with the grass on the football field... and boom!

Suddenly we're face first in the AstroTurf.

To the poor girl in this video, we may laugh but it's only because we have all been down this same road before. We gotta stick together!

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