The Covid-19 pandemic took a huge toll on my bank account. I refunded so many deposits because, like me, many weddings were put off or canceled. My fiancé and I weren't thrilled to have to postpone our wedding, but it turns out it was a blessing in disguise. We ended up using our wedding money to purchase a home.

I am so nervous and excited to finally be a homeowner and start making memories in our very one home, however the thought of moving all of our furniture, landscaping, cleaning, and painting a house freaks me out. I want to just skip to the part of waking up in our beautiful corner lot and enjoy my Nespresso cup of coffee in the sunroom. Yes, I am that person that just wants to hit the fast forward button because it's another move in less than a year.

Surely there are some folks out there that have the "moving homes" thing down. We have thought about possibly painting our home before we move in then we have thrown the idea around of possibly just painting room by room and taking it easy.

Surely someone out there has movies into a home that was considered "move-in ready" but, you wanted to make your own with a fresh coat of paint.

What is your best piece of advice for a new homeowner? I am open to all suggestions at this point. Send me a message on Facebook by clicking here. 

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