How cool would it be to come back from quarantine and tell your coworkers that you went to Yale University with all your spare time? Turns out you can now be the condescending co-worker or family member. Yale University is offering a free course online, The Science of Well-Being.

This course will teach us how to be happier. I mean who couldn't use a quick refresher on how to be happy? In 2018 Laurie Santos a Professor at Yale taught a class called Psychology and the Good Life. She did this because she was concerned about the alarming levels of student depression, anxiety, and stress. Turns out the genius professor was onto something.

This course became so popular among students that it became the most popular class in Yale's history. So, of course, the saint of a professor Santos created a Coursera course. You can audit it entirely for free or opt for a $49 certificate of completion. I have enrolled in the free class and you bet I am going to get that certificate that says "Yale".

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