I keep thinking that it is all a joke. My friend Amanda fell in love with a man who is in the military. I can't believe she fell in love with a man who puts his country first, but I have to respect that. I forever respect them, but I can't help to have a broken heart when I think about not seeing my friend for 3 years. When my friend Amanda told us she would be moving to Italy we all felt like it was forever away, up until we realized they would be having to leave the Ark-La-Tex on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.

I could sit here and talk about all the good times we have had, but instead, I will talk about the wonderful sacrifice it takes for a family to make. We love you and appreciate you, and all you guys lay on the line. Thank you for the countless years of laughter and happiness you have brought to our lives. May your lives in Italy be filled with the same love you guys have brought to us here. We will see you guys on the other side!