This, my friends, is pure raw talent.

In fact, I'll go as far as saying we are witnessing a true art-form. This guy has successfully found a way to make McDonald's somehow more enjoyable.

Today for lunch, I stopped by the McDonald's near the radio station on Pines road. Sadly, I just sat down, boringly, and ate like a pig then called it a day. This guy, though, he has gone completely viral after his recent stop into America's favorite burger joint.

I want you to understand one thing... This video is ultra-popular not just because he's putting on a show in a McDonald's, but also because the dude is absolutely killing it. I'm not sure how one possesses this type of talent, but I'm glad the world can now enjoy it together.

He sits down and starts beatboxing using only a straw and a cup. In fact, he's so good that when he's done, the entire restaurant gives him a round of applause.

Check this out!


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