I am not in the market at all to buy a car, but still, I would buy this car right this second after watching this.

Some guy went absolutely viral this week for his creative way to sell his girl's old Honda. He didn't just take the normal route of posting a few pics of the '96 Honda onto Craigslist, he took it one giant step further.

He made a full length car commercial attempting to sell this car.

Seriously, it's Super Bowl commercial good.

Packed with action shots of ole faithful in action, with an insanely professional voice over highlighting when the beast has to offer. It even featured this catchy tag-line, "Luxury is a state of mind."

After the video went viral, bids for the car on eBay skyrocketed to $150,000, even though the asking price was $499. Once the bidding ended, the auction was deleted and the bids were cancelled, so no word on if they officially got it sold or not.

You have to see this!