Seriously, who would ever drink water out of shot glasses anyways?

A news clip has gone viral showing a group of rescuers in Houston boating around, looking for ways to help. Naturally, it's a stressful situation over there, so I don't blame the rescuers one bit for what happened next.

The TV shot shows the rescuers handing around a blue bottle (which looks very much like Skyy Vodka) and each person taking a little shot.

The reporter sees this and immediately comments on it. She actually gave them props for not only having their water, but sharing it too. Yes, she completely and 100% believed they were taking shots of water.

Her co-worker, however, seemed to pick up on what the rescuers were laying down. Once she made the water comment, her co-anchor said, "Yeah, I'm not sure that was water".

It's an honest mistake!