Ah, who doesn't love a good news blooper. This one could be bad, but I promise, we'll keep it safe for work.

This week's viral news blooper comes to us from Fargo, North Dakota. The clip features a gang of TV anchors and reporters, but one seems to be a little more oblivious than the others. Her name is Andrea Larson and she has gone viral, even though I'm fairly certain even today, she doesn't understand why.

It's a silly, middle school-humor type blooper, but still a good one nonetheless.

While they were breaking down the weather just before exiting the newscast, Andrea highlighted the tempatrue for tomorrow up there, which is going to be 69 degrees. he way she said it, and continued to speak about it, made it seem extremely sexual.

Quotes like "I want that 69" and "Let's get exited about that 69", all before the newscast went to a very awkward ending.

You gotta see this, and you gotta love that 69!


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