In the video above you will hear a story being told by our in house psychic Dakota Lawrence. He comes into the studio with us once a month to "read" our listeners. He will inform them about what is in store for their future and also reach out to loved ones who have passed away. He also holds classes to teach you how you can be more in tuned with your own paranormal intuitions and also does live readings at the Logan Mansion. To find more details about him and all that he does click here.

In the video above Dakota talks about the "death mound". This is something that we have previously talked about on the show. The death mound is actually 800-1,000 people that were buried in a mass grave. According to their website, back in 1873 there was a yellow fever epidemic that tore it's way through the Shreveport/Bossier City area. Click here to see our original story about the Oakland Cemetery.

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