Prize Fest Took Over Downtown Shreveport and So Many People Were Out Celebrating Music and Art of All Kinds.

The celebration continued to an afterparty at Stray Cat and before we knew it several of us decided to hop around from club to club in downtown Shreveport.

My crew was headed to Bally's to watch one of our favorite DJ's it was then that we walked up to a group of people trying to get into a club none of us had ever seen before. We had just walked past Phoenix 2.0 and at first, I thought there might be another entrance to Phoenix.

We asked a couple walking into this club about the club and they said "You need to check it out, it's always a party and they play all types of Latin music." So curiosity got the best of us and we transported. I say transported because all of a sudden it didn't feel like we were in Shreveport anymore, as soon as we walked into the club it felt like we were somewhere in Latin America.


The Crowd Was Lively and the Dance Floor Was Packed.

If you love dancing and get down to Latin music, this club is definitely worth a stop.

Who Has Been Keeping This Latin Club a Secret?

Simply put, Shreveport needs a diversity of clubs and I am so happy we discovered Gigi's Martini Room. The address is 420 Commerce St, Shreveport, LA 71101

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