Louisiana has some pretty wild high school mascots, or nicknames. For more than a decade, schools around the country have been reevaluating their mascots. Not just high schools, but universities. Some have even changed their names due to modern standards. Some of the names that were replaced could be considered shocking today, while some of the new names could also be considered wild.

In Louisiana, it didn't take a modern change to come up with some incredible mascots. In fact, some of these have been around in Louisiana since the schools started.

Now that's not saying that every school in the state has a unique and creative nickname/mascot. If everyone was unique, no one would be unique. According to some (granted its a little dated) research, there are dozens of schools in the state who share a pot of the same nicknames/mascots. There are over 30 schools that use the Tigers name, over 20 different schools that call themselves Panthers or Bulldogs, at least 15 schools that use Eagles or Lions for their names, and at least a dozen that use Hornets, Warriors, or Wildcats. You have at least 10 schools that use Trojans, Gators, or Cougars too.

When it comes to those common names, its not just a Louisiana thing. A lot of those names land among the 15 Most Popular school nicknames/mascots in the whole US. The nicknames that are most common in Louisiana AND the US are Tigers, Panthers, Bulldogs, Eagles, Lions, Warriors, Wildcats, Trojans, Cougars, and Mustangs.

But lets get back to those unique ones. Because there are plenty. Even school nicknames/mascots that are ONLY found in Louisiana.

Like the Archbishop Chapelle Chipmunks in Metairie. They're not only peerless in Louisiana, but there isn't another school in the US using Chipmunks (according to research). There are some other names exclusive to Louisiana schools too. Like Cajuns, Fire Birds, and RedStickers.

Now right away, I'm sure you're thinking "well, I know the Tornadoes, Pelicans, and Hurricanes must be used by only one school too." (ok, maybe you're not). But that's actually not true. There are MULTIPLE schools across Louisiana using all three of those nicknames.

Even something that feels unique like Haynesville's Golden Tornado isn't just theirs. Sulphur High School may shorten it to "Golden Tors", but they're also the Golden Tornado. Then you have Hammond High Magnet School that is also using Tornadoes.

When it comes to Pelicans, there are multiple schools using that as well. Including Homer, Morris Jeff Community, and Port Allen. There are at least three schools using Hurricanes too, with LW Higgins, North Central in Lebeau, and South Plaquemines.

So besides Chipmunks, what other unique names do schools in Louisiana have? Check out this list for more answers...

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