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I guess jolly old Saint Nick and his elves will have to find another ride to the Ratchet City this year because, for the 2nd year in a row, the KCS Holiday Express has been cancelled.  As you may have guessed, COVID-19 is to blame for this one.  KCS officials know that this free, yearly event brings large crowds.  Because of the risk of spreading the virus responsible for the disease that has been mercilessly gripping the entire world for a 2nd year now, the train won't be rolling into Shreveport this year.

China Daily Life Amid Global Pandemic
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According to the report from the ArkLaTex Homepage, for the past 21 years (excluding last year and this year, obviously) the beautiful and ornate rolling holiday extravaganza has wowed crowds in 21 select cities across this country - including our very own Shreveport.  The six-car train, extensively decorated for the holidays, is the unofficial kickoff of the Christmas season for cities that it visits.

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Unfortunately, this highly-anticipated event is also a major fundraiser for The Salvation Army.  That being said, the SA still needs donations to help families struggling during the holidays.  Even though you won't be able to step aboard this rolling Christmas ornament and meet with Santa and his elves, divisional commander of The Salvation Army Kansas and Western Missouri Division Major Kelly Collins says that help is still on the way.

According to Collins', the donations that come through this KCS will still be delivered in time to help families who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage.  The goal is to keep a roof over their head during troubled times.  According to the report, over the past 20 years, the Holiday Express project has raised in excess of $2.6 million for the Salvation Army - and that effort continues today.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers Collect Funds For Charity
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If you'd like to help, you don't have to wait for the red kettles to appear in front of your favorite holiday shopping destination - you can give now!  To donate, just follow this link.

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