My wife is very particular.  She likes horror movies, sour patch kids, and her fried eggs with a very non-runny yolk and ketchup.  That's why it should come as no surprise that she is particular about her workout as well.  How particular, you ask?  She has refused to update her workout routine for so long - the VHS tape with her workout on it is wearing out.  Don't get me wrong, it works.  She looks great, and she certainly enjoys it - which is all that matters.  So what if she inherited it from her mom?  Who cares if it contains hits from such artists as INXS, and Matthew Wilder?  When Elle McPherson shows you how to do squats while "Suicide Blonde" pulses in the background - it transcends time, and I get that.

The only bug-a-boo has been to keep the technology working, but I love the challenge. When our VCR gave out years ago, it wasn't easy to find a high quality replacement.  A few weeks ago, the tape started to get worn out - and my wife started to get worried.  We had searched for "Elle McPherson's: Your Personal Best" on digital, DVD, a newer VHS tape, 35MM film, or anything to no avail.  My wife was facing the unthinkable - using a workout video made after 1993.  And, they just don't make fitness like they used to.

If you think this is just silly, here's Elle last year in Australia.

Then, by an amazing stroke of luck - she found it!  There it was, just waiting to be discovered on YouTube.  The title was slightly different, but there it was!  The comments reflected the difficulty others had in locating this holy grail of fitness as well.  So, if you had the urge to work out in your Quad City DJ's t-shirt before you watch re-runs of TRL - just click the link below.