I've always heard that salesmen are snakes, but what happens when the two come across one another.

Spoiler alert: The real snake wins... Well, kind of.

So a real estate agent in Arizona was finishing up an open house this past weekend, when things took a very unexpected turn. As he's leaving, he notices there's a huge snake literally blocking his one door out of the house. This wasn't just some ordinary snake, though, it was a monster rattlesnake and it was ready to attack.

It's rattler kept getting louder anytime our salesmen would move or talk. Very frightening stuff.

The agent decided he would try to move the snake by throwing several rugs at it, but the snake was not phased. This snake wouldn't move and the entire video simply records the stalemate the two found themselves in.

After it was all said and done, the agent wrote that he eventually had to call animal control so they could handle it and he could safely leave.

This is crazy!



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