So, I've been complaining for the last year to everyone except people at work about my desk being right at the door. So, my back is to the door. This means if anyone went postal and ran for the first person- that person would be me. This has kept me from putting makeup on at my desk (because you know, it's unsafe to do while driving). It's kept me from checking out my favorite websites during down time. It has also given me the bright idea of having a mirror at my desk so I can check out who is coming in or out so I'm not giving myself whiplash 60 times a day.
So, I got moved. Next to my boss.
So, is this good? I mean, I kinda feel like I'm in the principal's office now. All she has to do is sit at her desk and she can see every move I make.
I guess them taking prospective new hires around the building and seeing me with a huge Mtn Dew and a bag of Combos at my desk finally made them move me- but I was just hoping it wouldn't be there!