This week, I stumbled upon the greatest Facebook page to hit Shreveport since the Crayfish came into existence. The page, titled "SBC Roast Session" encourages users to upload a picture of themselves, then sit back and take the roasting.

Naturally, the page, created by user Mila Fellah, is all in good fun. That's the way the cretaor intended, and for the most part, the users on the page poke a lot of fun with love in their hearts. After all, who doesn't love a good roast? Plus, it's always good for us to have a laugh at ourselves.

I decided I would get in on the action to see the best roasts people could come up with. Shreveport certainly did not disappoint. After hundreds of comments, which all ranged from "Jimmy Neutron looking boy" and "Jared from Subway's illegitimate son", my co-workers narrowed the roasts down to the very best, and presented them to me to read for the first time.

Check it out!