My coworker told me that there are people out there getting paid to be friends with strangers. My first thought was, “I can make a bunch of cash on a weekend!” Most of my friends are older than me.

Some people find it odd that one of my dearest friends has 30 plus years on me. One of my best friends is 10 years older and has two kids. So I downloaded Bumble BFF and Hey Vina to find friends my own age.

Essentially these apps are just like Tinder and Bumble dating apps. You swipe right if you are interested in meeting the person who pops up on your screen. You swipe left if you’re not interested. I quickly realized that Hey Vina! isn’t as popular as Bumble BFF. Your choices are slim to none on Hey Vina! I wouldn’t recommend you waste your time with that app. After a week of surfing Bumble BFF here are my thoughts.

  1. My coworker lied. No one out there at least not in the SBC is willing to pay you to be their friend.
  2. It’s just as awkward as trying to date. You go off of looks and a witty opening line.
  3. You will meet people that you would never meet at the bar. Not that I go and make friends at the bar, but you meet people that you would possibly pass by at the store or your favorite restaurants.
  4. I’d rather get paid for this than doing it for free. It’s awkward. You’re putting yourself out there saying “Yo I don’t have a lot of friends who like doing the same stuff as me!”
  5. Meeting people that aren't like you is a good thing! I have connected with people that I normally would not associate with. Life is all about getting out of your comfort zone.
  6. Some people’s profiles will scare you off. One person wanted to find a cuddle buddy. Listen, lady, I’m here because I need someone that can hold a conversation all while we sip on our $6 happy hour martinis and check out the appetizer menu. Pretty sure she got the apps mixed up.

Will I keep these apps on my phone longer than my trial week? No. I’m deleting the app. It may be perfect for someone who is brand new to the area and knows no one. I think I’ll stick to hanging with my friends who have decades on me. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Right?