There's plenty to get annoyed about in this area...

#IAlwaysGetAnnoyedWhen is trending on Twitter right now. People are annoyed by auto-correct issues on their phone, when the drive-thru messes up their order, or even when the snow plow comes by your house right after you've shoveled your driveway. Not all of these things apply to us, but there is plenty to be annoyed about with Shreveport-Bossier.

So let's talk about a few...


...people say they're bored in this town, when their favorite radio station is constantly telling them about what's going on around them. live in Bossier, but Bossier doesn't have the store or restaurant you want so you have to drive to Shreveport (and vice versa).

...Siri calls Bossier City "Bossy-er City."

...people have to act like a fool at the Mardi Gras parades and cause trouble, instead of just having fun like everyone else.

...people beg for something to do in this town, but then don't go to it/support it once it's here.

...people "forget" to merge on I-220 ahead of the construction zone, despite the construction being there for over a year.'s not football season.

...traffic backs up on (insert street name here).

...the weather can't figure out what season it is.

...people stop on Jimmie Davis Bridge for now reason.

...people judge my allegiance to non-Louisiana sports teams.

...people think it's safe to walk across I-20.

...people think Mardi Gras is only in New Orleans.

...there's a car wreck on I-20 every single day.

...I have to use the Airline Drive on-ramp onto I-20 westbound.

...people stop completely on the Airline Drive on-ramp onto I-20 westbound.

...people refer to Shreveport-Bossier as "Ratchet City."

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