Guys... There's nothing a guy won't do to win a bet, even if it means getting his butt stung hundreds of times.

A video has gone viral showing a guy go all out in order to win a bet. In this bet, the only way he could win is if he sat on a colony of bees.

We're not exactly sure how this bet came to be (pun intended), but we're sure alcohol played a major role. The video comes to us from New Zealand, and I'll warn you now, the clip does contain a little profanity.

Of course, that is to be expected considering the man in the video is literally sitting on hundreds of bees.

Oh, I left one major part out.... His pants had to be completely down! Yep, half-naked, sitting on a bee colony. So, what did he win after he completed this ridiculous task? About $720.

Was it worth it??



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