This guy might be the most popular extra on the planet.

No one, of course, makes plans to go to Hollywood and become an extra for life. For most (who end up making it), it's a grind at first. Where they are taking very small parts and roles, for exchange of little to no money. All to give their career a nice kick start.

This guy? He might be the most well-paid extra on the planet.

I only say that because he's been in SO MUCH CONTENT.

Over 40 TV show appearances, and numerous background roles in music videos and commercials, this guy is getting busy.

You definitely don't know his name, but I promise you that you've seen him before. Even if your eyes don't remember at first.

Anyways, the guy decided he would splice every single one of his extra appearances into a YouTube video, and the result was fantastic.

Check this guy out!