Understandably, residents of Louisiana and storms that roll in off of the Atlantic have a rocky relationship.  This year, tropical storms and the right side of the country have an early date.

In the entire history of us naming storms, we've never had a name-worthy storm in the month of March!  That history goes back to 1965.  In 1908 we had a pretty damaging hurricane roll through the Gulf of Mexico and slam into the Caribbean Islands with winds in excess of 100mph, but that was before we started naming storms.

According to the website ARSTechnica, the storm that's currently brewing is a baby by Atlantic storm standards - but still has time to grow!  Once it achieves 40+mph winds, this one gets a name!  Since the storm naming system operates alphabetically and must start with an A, this little cutie will be named "Arlene."

So far, this storm is on track to miss most land masses.  It does look like it might swing by Bermuda, but who can blame her.  The storm life is hectic.  Sometimes a storm needs to hit the beach and focus on herself.  Let's just hope Arlene doesn't get her groove back.

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