Our station has a very tiny guest that is making all of us lose focus at work. This orange ball of cuteness was on the 220 bridge near death and somehow he has been a champ and is on the mend.

Although he is powering through a couple of scary infections and he is very frail he has started to get hungry which according to our vet it's great news. The vet also said, "You're going to love this little guy's personality, orange cats are awesome.".

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Are Orange Cats Really the Best Cat Out There?

So many of my friends claim that orange cats are the best. One of my co-workers claims that orange cats have the best temperament. One of our friends who helps with a cat rescue said, "Orange cats really are the best type of cat our there and they are the best cuddlers.". Not that I don't believe my friends, however, the color of a cat can't really determine if they're a friendly cat or not, right?

There Is No Science or Study That Proves That Orange Cats are Friendlier.

There have been multiple studies trying to prove this point unfortunately the only thing they could say is that orange cats are more social, the male ones in particular.

80% of Orange Cats are Male.

I have read several articles that claim that male cats are generally more friendly, and orange cats have been called "velcro cats" because they love cuddling with their owners. According to cattitudedaily.com "male ginger tabbies were notably recognized for being social, calm, and not easily startled when compared to other cats.". This website also covered the fact that most orange cats love to eat. So most orange cats will end up being big dudes since 80% of them are males.


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